Monday, February 22, 2010

make a huge Monthly income by entering a car tag number

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* What Is The Work? You Get Paid For Submitting 20 License Plate Numbers Every 30 Days!
* What Is This Information Used For? To Use With Amber Alerts/Help To Find Missing Children, Law Enforcement/Stolen Cars, Banks, Car Dealers, Car Rental Agencies, etc.
* Can You Imagine How EASY This "Work" Is! You Can Do This On Your Laptop While You're Watching TV!
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Did you know that a 12 point list on an individual is worth up to $35?
Did you know that a 7 point list on a business is worth up to $10?
A highly targeted list that produces sales "is a corporate asset that's worth its weight in gold."
What is so important about a car tag? Tagging cars will be the first Plan of Action of DNA.

* It can be used to help with Amber Alerts and to find Missing Children. Statistically, most children are abducted by a parent and with the data and resources we will create, we should be able to help with some of these cases.

*It can be used by Law Enforcement Agencies. Stolen cars can be located and returned to their owners. Police detectives can also use this to help locate known criminals and take them off our streets.

*Banks, Car Dealers, Car Rental Agencies all have to deal with getting back vehicles that are not being paid for. Unfortunately, there are millions of these cars and many millions of dollars are spent doing this. These organizations will pay us if our database helps them. This is already happening and proven.

*We can also help to find Missing Persons. Often there are rewards offered to help find a missing person and we can be part of the solution.

PHASE ONE - The Uni-Level - With 100% FREE SIGN UP

#1. D.N.A. will pay you $2 for each month you turn in data for 20 or more tags.
#2. D.N.A. pays $2 for each affiliate within your 6 levels of affiliates that turn in data for 20 or more tags within their 1st 30 days of signing up. Anyone who has joined D.N.A. during the pre-launch, their 30 days will start on the day that we start accepting data which is estimated as early as 02/16/2010 and as late as 03/01/2010.

D.N.A. has invested a lot of money and over a year of time to create a foundation that will be here for a long time to come.

you = $2you + 10 1st level x 20 tags = 200 tags pays you $20
you + 100 2nd level x 20 tags = 2000 tags pays you $200
you + 1000 3rd level x 20 tags = 20000 tags pays you $2,000
you + 10000 4th level x 20 tags = 200000 tags pays you $20,000
you + 100000 5th level x 20 tags = 2,000,000 tags pays you $200,000
you + 1000000 6th level x 20 tags = 20,000,000 tags pays you $2,000,000

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